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Advantages of Having a Smart Home


In the past decades, we have gone from relying on corded telephones for communication to using mini computers in our pockets. Which help us connect to people easily, research quicker, and do some computing works almost anywhere. The creation of smartphone is undoubtedly one of the greatest technology developments.

Now smartphones take us to a different level of convenience, comfort, and security. With the application of IoT (internet of things), smartphones allow us to monitor and control our entire house easily. Even when we’re away from home. This innovation is called smart home automation.

What are the advantages of having a smart home?

    1. Automate your home systems. Integrating smart technology into your house enables you to program your lights, thermostat, appliances, and security systems to operate automatically. For instance, setting your lights to auto turn on when there’s a person in the room and auto shut off when no one’s there. You can also set a desirable temperature in your thermostat device to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the room. If you have smart appliances, you can program them to perform tasks at a specified time. Like setting your smart kettle to boil water at 5am. Or program the water sprinklers to spray at 4pm to automatically water the plants. Home security systems can auto send notification in your phone when a threat is detected.
    2. Control home systems and appliances at your fingertips. A smart home allows you to manage all your electronic devices through your smartphone. Forgot to lock the door? Lock it using your phone. Wondering who’s buzzing the doorbell? Check and talk to the person without stepping out from your room.
    3. Reduce energy consumption. Automation avoids unnecessary energy usage such as letting the lights on when there’s nobody in the kitchen or in other parts of the house. Being able to control appliances and home systems although you are not at home also saves energy.
    4. Improve home security. Smart home can connect to surveillance cameras, automated door locks, smart door bells, and motion detectors throughout your house. Which you can monitor and control in your mobile phone. You can set security alarms to alert your phone when a threat is detected and have a real-time monitoring of your house whether you’re inside it or halfway around the world.

Clearly, having a smart home is beneficial to a homeowner. That is why more and more people are aiming to have a smart home.

There is no specific requirement on how many smart devices you have in your house to consider your residence a smart home. You can either purchase a ready built smart home or upgrade your home systems slowly to enjoy great advantages of integrating smart technology into your household.

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