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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the rise of green consumption, consumers of green food is becoming more and more popular. Following this trend, “green agriculture” in various parts of the rapid development. The author thinks, should eliminate the three misunderstandings in the development of green agriculture.

One is that green agriculture is no chemical fertilizers, no pesticide spraying agricultural. Green agriculture, refers to the agricultural production and operation methods in the production, processing, sales of green food as the core. It is the countries in the world to implement the target of agricultural sustainable development is widely accepted models. Green agriculture in order to “green”, “green technology”, “green products” as the main body, is not

Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, not blindly deny traditional agriculture model, but the scientific use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, by the past rely mainly on chemical fertilizers and pesticides into a mainly rely on the intrinsic mechanism of biological to achieve agricultural efficiency.

The two  fertilizer is that the development of green agriculture of high investment, low profit. Green agriculture in China mainly through the fine variety breeding and soil improvement, to seek development by using ecological mechanism, the economic, social and ecological benefits of unity, greatly reduce the dependence on pesticides and fertilizers, is a low input agricultural production mode. “Green consumption” in the ascendant, the most urgent requirements for consumer goods is the “pollution-free”. Who can make a big fuss in the “green” word, who can seize more consumers get a higher market share, gain more economic benefit. The development of green agriculture as long as their marks, will capture opportunities.

Three is that the development of green agriculture is the farmer’s own thing, the government does not need to support. The development of green agriculture, if entirely provided by the free market, by farmers independent development, is lower than the social expectation level. Support only the government, increase green product propaganda, increase green technology popularization, increase the project funding support, prevention of soil improvement application technology development of plant diseases and insect pests, cultivation of green agricultural leading enterprises and production base, improve the level of green agricultural technology to farmers, to promote the development of green agriculture, and thus more conducive to the countryside the economic, social and ecological coordination development.

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