Green Techies Green Tech Eco Friendliness is Helping Sell Cars

Eco Friendliness is Helping Sell Cars


Auto makers are seeing green technology as the future of the auto business. Currently, gas prices have skyrocketed, which has caused a dramatic new shift in consumer buying habits. Anything that is efficient and eco-friendly is exactly what consumers are interested in which dealers like Honda Woodbridge VA have witnessed first hand. To help supply consumers with exactly what they want, auto makers are rushing to improve current technology, while also creating all-new systems to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. While automakers in North America are seeing abrupt declines in sales overall, auto makers are more and more eager and flexible about spending the time and money on developing such new improvements and technologies.

Gasoline Engines Aren’t Going Anywhere Let’s first address gasoline engines. While new technology and hybrids are certainly all the rage, as Toyota Dealers Portland can attest to, gasoline engines aren’t going to be disappearing any time soon. With that being said, however, gasoline engines will be seeing many new changes that will help them become greener. Ford, for example, is rushing to implement widespread changes in their line of gasoline-powered engines. Their newest technology, Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection, is one type of that is helping the standard gasoline engine become more efficient. This system places a fuel injector in each cylinder chamber. When the engine is then turbocharged, horsepower and miles per gallon go up while fewer emissions are produced.

Diesels Becoming Popular Again Diesels in the U.S. tend to be synonymous with big trucks and commercial vehicles, but not so much passenger cars. Diesel cars that have used diesel engines in the past have typically been loud, stinky, and dirty. Despite their less than sterile past, the latest diesel engines are smooth, quiet, and far cleaner than their predecessors. In recent auto shows domestic and foreign automakers have been showing off their new diesel engines in trucks and passenger cars that will help buyers achieve even greater fuel economy than gasoline engines, without having to make sacrifices when it comes to noise and emissions. Dealers such as Cleveland Ohio Toyota are eager to receive inventory of high mileage trucks, which will help move slowing pickup inventory. Even luxury auto makers have recently showed off their latest diesels, such the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class’s BLUETEC diesel.

Alternative Fuels Such As Ethanol Are EmergingAnother new buzz word in the automotive industry is ethanol and E85. Many new vehicles, particularly from domestics, have engines that can run on either standard gasoline or E85. Running on ethanol tend to be more economical than gasoline, and ethanol is also less expensive than gasoline as Nebraska Chevrolet Dealers promotes. And, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline while also being a renewable energy source. With the benefits many vehicles are capable of running on the fuel, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe. Unfortunately, Ethanol has one large drawback: E85 is not currently supplied to all places across the country. Without the infrastructure in place to supply the high demand for fuel, ethanol will be unlikely to be adopted by the masses. But even Ferrari has recently introduced an ethanol-powered vehicle, signaling widespread interest in this alternative fuel.

Look For More HybridsHybrid technology is of course now in the mainstream, which isn’t news to Charlotte Honda Dealers. Most automakers offer a hybrid system or at least have a hybrid vehicle under development. Hybrid vehicles are powered by a combination of a regular gasoline powered engine and an electric motor that offers drivers extremely high fuel mileage. When the vehicle starts, it uses the engine to propel the vehicle and then uses the electric motor to power the car during cruising speed, thus reducing fuel consumption. Hybrids are certainly in demand, but automakers are still working to refine the technology. Batteries are still the main concern among automakers, who are struggling to produce the safest and most reliable batteries for their hybrid vehicles.

Where Car Dealers Fit in New car dealers are witnessing the changes not only in the technology, but are also subject to the changes among car buyers who increasingly see efficiency as a top priority in their purchase decision. As such, car dealers have to be prepared with inventory that boasts more impressive fuel efficiency. Where car dealers once had big, gas guzzling SUVs to get buyers excited, dealers now have compacts and hybrids to get the attention of fickle car shoppers. Because of the importance of efficiency and greener technology, the Web is playing an important role.

New car research is done online more than ever, and when it comes to looking to new car data, fuel mileage is one of the first things they look at when visiting,, or other vehicle research websites. This is why fuel efficiency is something that car dealers should also be highlighting on their website if it is not currently being addressed. The importance of helping consumers find efficiency is an important component that many dealers are ignoring. The concern of the buyer should also be shared by the dealer to help get the customer exactly what they’re looking for. And while helping customers attain improved fuel economy, dealers can help promote greener thinking as well.

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